1. Who gave McGuinty the right to open OUR wallets to the “money mongers” of the World?

    Oh, right..nobody……..he just removed our Planning Authority at the Municipal level which would have given us “control” over these deals.

    Then he declared: “have at ‘er boys!”

  2. Thanks for the information, Bruce. Next thing you know, we will have fitness clubs applying to the FIT program for connecting their treadmills and exercise bikes up to the grid.

    • If we are talking about electricity supplies in jurisdictions like Hawaii, Mexico, or Jamaica where oil-fired power provides a significant faction of the electricity supply, then renewable electricity could conceivably lower oil dependence. If we are talking about Ontario, the opposite is the case. Increasing renewable electricity supply is in Ontario is coupled with vastly increasing Ontario’s reliance on natural gas, the most viable oil substitute.

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