Samsung Still Negotiating With McGuinty, Still Not on Lobbyists Registry

Samsung C&T Corporation, along with its partner Korea Electric Power Corporation, are still on track to rake in huge subsidies from Ontario electricity ratepayers. A new directive to the Ontario Power Authority further details negotiations between the Ontario government and the Korean consortium, although the members of the consortium continue to not appear on the official Ontario Lobbyists Registry. How can this not violate theĀ Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998?

One of the key elements of discussions is how much of the new Bruce-to-Milton 500 kV power line will be reserved for the Korean consortium. Expect vigorous counter lobbying by other power developers seeking access to this limited transmission capacity so they too can claim a share of the consumer’s fast-rising power bill.

If any one has insights into the wonky dates on the document or kick backs to the Ontario Liberal Party, please share.

Spain is openly considering reneging on inflated contract prices with solar power producers. As I have argued on this web site and on many other public statements, I believe that contracts must be respected. However, if it can be determined that illegal actions were involved directly in obtaining government contracts, it seems reasonable to reconsider the underlying contracts.


  1. Please tell me there is some pushback from the industry, or are workers content to reduce the province to fleabag status to please the master?

  2. i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. HOW is this lack of transparency and down right criminal actions continue to go unchecked and not cause people in Ontario to reach for a pitchfork and run to the streets?

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