Ontario Power Bill Rip-Off: Stranded Debt Ten Years Later

The attached essay provides a brief summary of what happened to the $6.85 billion dollars collected from Ontario electricity consumers starting in 2002 — money that was earmarked to pay off a key element of Ontario Hydro’s legacy of debts. Whereas the Ontario government originally promised that the Debt Reduction Charge revenues would have eliminated the debt by 2012, the secret plan upon which this claim was based has never been revealed and an explosion of costs in the government-controlled power sector indicate that the special charge is here to stay.

Warning: The attached essay is difficult to read. The twists and turns of the story are just not that easy to make digestible.


  1. How the common folk here in Ontario allow these sleazy politicians to sign them up for a lifetime of debt repayment for someone else’s mistakes without a “whimper” makes my head swim!

    Absolutely unheard of in other areas of the world where people would take to the streets with pitch forks!

    Time to take back what little Democracy we have left and kick these sleazy money grubbing politicians to the curb!

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