Ontario Power Bill Rip-Off: Solutions

The attached essay provides nine proposals for solutions to the growing rate crisis that I estimate will cost the average household an extra $350 per year by the end of 2011.  None of these proposals magically put the cost tooth paste back in the tube, but the proposals do minimize the scale of the mess.


  1. In this essay, I assume that 5 GW of new renewables will be committed during the current government’s term. Note that Hydro One’s Green Energy plan assumes 7 GW of new renewables on line by 2014. However, the OEB criticized this assumption in its most recent Hydro One DX decision.

  2. In response to thoughtful criticism of this essay pointing to the history of chaotic political responses to Ontario electricity pricing events, I should amend the pricing proposal in this essay. An opt-in voluntary enrollment might be used for small users wanting to participate in real-time-pricing (RTP). Non-participants would remain on a pricing system featuring both time-of-use pricing for most of the hours in the year and critical peak pricing for periods of shortage.

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