Consumers Council of Canada Attacks Constitutionality of Ontario’s Green Energy Taxation

Today the Consumers Council of Canada filed a motion before the Ontario Energy Board challenging the authority of the Ontario Energy Board to levy the Green Energy Act taxes imposed under Ontario Regulation 66/10. On April 23rd, the OEB wrote to electricity distributors ordering them to initiate accounting procedures required to collect the tax.  If the Ontario government is successful in implementing taxes through regulation on electricity consumers, similar taxes on natural gas customers are expected soon.

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  1. McGuinty and Gang have literally dismantled any semblance of Democracy in this once great Province by the institution of the Green Energy Act. Their forced removal of the Planning Authority at all Municipal levels of Government have basically rendered all Municipal Offices redundant and just glorified office buildings for filing clerks!

    Our Fathers, Mothers, Grand Fathers and Grand Mothers went off to War back in the day to protect this Democratic Free Society we call Ontario and in one swipe of a pen one man and his cohorts have taken away what so many gave up their lives for!


    Let’s hope there is one strand of decency left in this country by way of the Constitutional Challenge being presented here that will make us once again believe that our Soldiers sacrifices were not in vain!

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