“Your (Ontario) power bill is becoming a rip-off”: Sun TV Debate on the Cost of Green Power

In this Earth Day, 2010 debate, I take on Kris Stevens of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association on the costs of green power. I argue that the policy of promoting green jobs will cost more jobs than it gains, that Ontario’s green power program is being imprudently administered, and that  your power bill is becoming a rip-off.


  1. Yesterday, hundreds of citizens from across Ontario converged on Queen’s Park to express their concern about the invasion of rural communities by wind developers, the viability of the current energy supply plan and the anti-democratic nature of the Green Energy Act. They also marched down to the OPA building and tried to get someone to come down and speak to the people. Apparently, the OPA was not answering their phone. I hope the energy executives felt a little shabby hiding in their offices. as ordinary citizens stood up and fought for an energy future untainted by politics and agendas, an energy infrastructure that will serve the best interests of all Ontarians. How is that “partnership” with the WWF working out? At what point will the people who understand the big picture tire of political servitude and stand up for what is right?

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