Review of “A rational framework for electricity policy” by Dr. Jan Carr

The attached review considers an article in the Journal of Policy Engagement (April 2010, Volume 2/Number 2) authored by Dr. Jan Carr, a leading electricity sector leader in Canada. The review posits a confluence of factors that created the conditions for the collapse of the historic consensus that the purpose of Ontario’s power system was to serve consumers and fostered the rise of the Green Energy Act.


    • I agree that the Samsung deal reeks of corruption. However, I see the popularity of the Green Energy Act as a powerful inducement to a repeat of this type of politics in the future. From the narrow perspective of jacking up polling numbers, the Green Energy Act is sane.

  1. By the way, this was a great summary of the energy situation. One area not to be ignored is the groundwork that this policy establishes for a cap and trade system. How popular that will be with the Ontario electorate remains to be seen.

  2. Speaking as someone who has kept an eye on the U.S. Cap & Trade Policy being argued right now I would say that as Lynne above states in not so many words. Sometimes it is not the most popular subject to approach for a politician

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