OPG Nuclear Results for 2008/09

In late 2007, OPG forecast nuclear running costs for “˜08 and “˜09 at $43/MWh and $46/MWh respectively (OEB file EB-2007-0905 Ex. A1/T4/S3 Chart 2). For 2008 and 2009, the results were $44.31/MWh and $ 44.09/MWh respectively. OPG’s achievement in 2009 of running cost results slightly better than forecast occurred not withstanding a substantial shortfall in actual production relative to forecast. It appears that some of the improvement in operating cost is attributable to the reduction of regulatory liabilities related to new nuclear generation development and capacity refurbishment activities.

Forecast CbF* (%) Actual CbF (%)
Station 2008 2009 2008 2009
Pickering A 79.0 81.4 71.8 64.2
Pickering B 86.6 88.6 71.4 84.0
Darlington 92.7 86.2 94.5 85.9

*CbF = Capability Factor, a measure of what Capacity Factor would have been in the absence of grid constraints.