Analysis of Hydro Quebec’s NB Power Buyout

The following essay, “Get past the bombast”, coauthored with Brian Lee Crowley, appeared in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal newspaper December 5, 2009. Attached to this document are comments  from December 5th replying to criticisms of the essay posted to the TJ discussion site.


The following comments were posted to the same site December 6th-8th.


The following essay, coauthored with Brian Lee Crowley, appeared in the Globe and Mail November 28th.


The following link to the Globe and Mail site contains comments on the essay: G&M Comments site

The CBC presented a summary of some of my comments from one of the radio interviews I did on December 1st, and also comments, here: Summary of interview Dec. 1 re. NB Power Sale

Here are some of my posted comments and one from an anonymous commentator firing back at opponents of the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec responding to the CBC news article “Longtime NB Power critic plugs deal” Dec. 1, 2009. responses-to-critics-of-nb-power-sale1