Nuclear Future: Ontario’s New Build and AECL

This interview was conducted July 17, 2009. The interview was conducted by 360 Energy, an energy service and energy management firm, as part of their series on energy issues.

Part 1 discusses why the Ontario and federal governments deserve credit for introducing a new level of financial responsibility and realism not previous evident in nuclear policy in Canada. The advantages of competitive procurement of electricity supply, the implications of China’s 2005  decision against further Candu construction, and priorities for AECL wind-up are also discussed.

Part 2 discusses the current power generation surplus in Ontario, the need for the Ontario Power Authority to update the Integrated Power System Plan for Ontario so that Ontario can make better decisions on when and what kind of new supply to acquire, and the planning flexibility provided by the emission  upgrades at some of Ontario’s coal-fired power stations.

Part 3 focuses on the costs for the consumers of Ontario government agencies imprudently enterring into long term contracts for new power generation without a plan setting out how the new and existing resources on the system will meet consumer needs.

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