Summary Bio for Thomas (Tom) M. Adams

Mr. Adams is an independent energy and environmental advisor. He has held a variety of senior responsibilities including Executive Director of Energy Probe from 1996 until September 2007, membership on the Ontario Independent Electricity Market Operator Board of Directors, and membership on the Ontario Centre for Excellence for Energy Board of Management. He has been a media commentator for over 20 years. His guest columns have appeared in most major Canadian newspapers. He has been a lecturer in energy studies at University of Toronto and has published several peer-reviewed papers in a range of fields. He has presented expert testimony before many regulatory tribunals in Canada on gas and electricity-related subjects. He has made presentations to Legislative Committees in Ontario and New Brunswick, academic, regulatory and trade conferences, the Atomic Energy Control Board, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. His profile appears in the Canadian Who’s Who.

His blog is a sand castle with typos inspired by Ai Wei Wie dropping his Ming Vase.

(current as of December 2011)


  1. OK, but have you done any work held a job with P&L responsibility?? Such as be an SRO-Plant Engineer.Construction? Worked in NPP maintenance operations.
    Refuled a reactor?
    Sold something?
    It’s easy to take theoretical positions when you’ve never do a lick of work.
    My next job will be – being an expert on experts…

  2. This bio is lacking in key areas: what is Mr. Adams’ academic and educational background? Professional working experience in business or industry?

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