CANDU Reactor Operating Cost Disadvantage Relative to U.S. Reactors

In the following note Tom Adams provides summary of data drawn from regulatory documents filed by Ontario Power Generation quantifying and explaining the operating cost disadvantages of CANDU reactors relative to US counterparts. The actual cost experience contradicts frequent official government claims of the low operating cost of nuclear power.

PDF link:summary-of-candu-operating-cost-competitiveness3


  1. low operating cost with improved technology. not to mention keeping jobs in Canada. If you go to the Candu website they say that their prices are comparable to other nuclear reactors. I think the idea of keeping our reactors national or provencial makes economical sense. i would rather pay more and create long termjobs in canada than import our energy suppliers and technology.

  2. A major challenge for CANDU relative to other nuclear technologies is its complexity. Refueling is an example of something CANDU does with vastly greater complexity than the counterpart operation in light water reactors.

    Betterenergyplan’s note about fixing the flow of PDF links is well-taken. Working on it…

  3. Hey Tom I heard this the other day maybe on your site i’m not sure. In the early 50’s decisions were made for exploration into light water in America and heavy water in Canada. is this true?

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