Using Ontario wind power production data, this study quantifies the benefits of positioning wind farms in geographically diverse locations to mitigate variability and smooth wind power’s contribution to electricity generation. Wind farm outputs are cross-correlated and graphed against the distances separating the farms. Results confirm that correlations between wind farm outputs decay with distance, but remain positive. Results agree with European studies but suggest that distance provides less smoothing of output in Ontario than in Europe. However, results disagree with aspects of a study of wind power integration in Ontario conducted by General Electric in 2006.

This study was co-authored by Tom Adams and Francois Cadieux. It was peer reviewed and published as part of the Engineering Institute of Canada 2nd Climate Change Technology Conference, May 12-15 2009, held at McMaster University.

PDF link:windpowergeodiversitybenefits_adams_cadieux-colour-graphs-and-citation


  1. 06-29-09

    Canadians who know or have an inkling of changes being made at our country’s core without public participation or permission would be those of us who most appreciate your willingness to speak out.

    Please continue making videos to question the public good in changes being made to the Ontario electric system. Hopefully you will inspire someone from each province to do the same. The people of Quebec have an immediate need to protect their interests as Rio Tinto Alcan and the Clean Air Renewable Energy Alliance are carpeting Mr Charest’s office with their astroturf.

    Your exposure of David Suzuki, OSEA and its string of funded entities working with professional public relations and media managers creating images of public participation to the Ontario government of Ontario as it grapples with electricity and energy policy is a breath of fresh air. People appreciate what you are doing as people are working harder for less and companies are working harder for more.

    Our air, land and water in our hands benefits us. Any other configuration is not in our interest. If you build a windmill powered by your air and you are going to consume its output why would you consider not owning it? The people of the Pembina Institute, the BCSustainable Energy Association, OSEA, the David Suzuki Foundation and other NGO’s driving government policies away from public benefit need to be exposed and you are in a great position to do it. Those same groups are staffing schools teaching our children their way of doing business. It is all about Canada and our commons.

    Thanks for your good work,

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