Ontario’s Power Rates Not the Highest in North America

Hydro Quebec’s annual electricity survey is a nearly perfect method to compare residential power rates across the provinces in Canada. Unfortunately, Hydro Quebec’s survey is a poor guide to how Canadian rates compare to US rates because the survey cherry picks a handful of relatively small jurisdictions, most of which have outlier high rates. Hydro …

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Hydro Quebec to the Rescue? (podcasts)

Linked here are a couple of podcasts discussing the deal announced on Thursday, October 20 between the Ontario and Quebec governments on electricity exchanges. Here is Energy Minister Glen Thibeault trying to skate away from questions from CFRA radio’s Kristy Cameron on the savings he is claiming households will get from the deal. If the …

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Hey Bob

Over the last two years, I have posed questions focused on Ontario electricity rate drivers to Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli on Twitter. Minister Chiarelli is an active Twitterer. He has yet to respond to any of these questions. Here’s a sampling of those questions.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Demands Rate Rethink, Chiarelli Blows Smoke Back (Fire Bob)

This morning, the board of directors of Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) Hydro launched a point-by-point rebuttal to the official Ontario government view that power rates are not yet high enough, specifically calling on Energy Minister Chiarelli to debate with them the province’s electricity situation. Those directors are: “¢ Lord Mayor Pat Darte “¢ Councillor Jamie King “¢ …

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“Enough Is Enough” Is Not Enough

Electricity protesters will converge on the Ontario legislature starting at noon May 13. The protest will be an important gauge of the extent of public anger over soaring rates, particularly Hydro One’s rural rates. But, when it comes to solutions, expect more heat than light. The protest has coalesced around a Facebook site, a petition, …

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Digging the Hole Deeper for Ontario Ratepayers

With the ink still wet on its November 1 power rate jump and subsidized power exports to neighbouring jurisdictions gushing fresh losses, the Ontario government announced its next ratepayer gouge today. A new green power buying spree was announced by the Ontario Power Authority that will further burden Ontario’s electricity future with more stupidly expensive …

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