Wynne’s Version of the Ernie Eves Electricity Rate Freeze

Down in the polls, embattled over hydro rates, and about to face the voters, two Ontario premiers in recent years opted for panic-inspired electricity sector interventions that resulted in long-term harm. Just before the 2003 election, Premier Eves imposed a rate freeze that destroyed the electricity market and rang up the deficit by about a …

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Hydro Quebec to the Rescue? (podcasts)

Linked here are a couple of podcasts discussing the deal announced on Thursday, October 20 between the Ontario and Quebec governments on electricity exchanges. Here is Energy Minister Glen Thibeault trying to skate away from questions from CFRA radio’s Kristy Cameron on the savings he is claiming households will get from the deal. If the …

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Guest Post: Positive Energy

I am delighted to host a second guest post by renewable energy consultant, developer, and National Post contributor Jon Kieran. Jon’s first round argued that it isn’t good enough to simply criticize Ontario’s electricity situation. In this post, Jon proposes a positive vision for the future.