Cap and Tirade

The Ontario governing party with five criminal investigations ongoing including several related to document destruction, the party of pay-for-access policy-for-hire fundraisers, the party that dismisses the Auditor General as confused about many things to do with energy, that is the party that is right now concocting a carbon market in Ontario out of government decrees. …

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Presentation to Scarborough Southwest Ontario PC Association 2013 Feb 2

This Youtube video summarizes some of my themes from a presentation to the Scarborough Southwest Ontario PC Association on February 2nd. The three topics I addressed were McGuinty’s gas plant scandal and where it is heading, the implications for rates and reliability of not repealing the Green Energy Act, and a review and endorsement of …

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Contributor to Green Energy Act Joins Broadbent Institute

Yesterday, the Broadbent Institute, created by former national leader of the NDP, Ed Broadbent, announced that Rick Smith, had joined the organization as Executive Director. Smith is the former Executive Director  of Environmental Defence. In the press release announcing Smith’s position, the Broadbent Institute highlighted Smith’s contribution to Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act. Smith’s move …

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Ontario Power Rates Headed for #1 by 2013

The Ontario Government’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) issued in the Fall of 2010 forecast that monthly residential costs would rise from $114/800kWh in 2010 to $167/800kWh in 2015 — a 46% nominal increase or a 33% inflation-adjusted increase.Here are examples of new cost pressures driving up rates that have developed since the LTEP was …

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Ontario’s Green Energy Act: Case for Repeal

This essay, presented on Youtube, surveys the economic, administrative, and social impacts of Ontario’s Green Energy Act on the eve of the Act’s 2nd anniversary and concludes that the Act must be repealed.

Is Green Energy Manufacturing in Ontario a Bubble?

Here is some reporting from the Windsor Star on the debate over whether manufacturing development attracted to Ontario through the Green Energy Act is a bubble or not. The article is called “Brain power enduring source of jobs in Windsor-Essex”, March 30, 2011. My views presented to the Windsor Star are only partially reported in …

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Commentary on Ontario’s FIT Contracts Announced Feb. 24/2010

The Ontario government announced here that it has entered into 40 new Feed-In Tariff contracts to procure another 872 MW of renewable power, primarily from wind and solar generators.  The generators know that McGuinty’s green energy days are numbered. The generators are racing to get their contracts in place before the government changes its …

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Wonderful Report on Electricity Sector Governance in Canada

The Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity, The Richard Ivey School of Business and the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy recently issued a valuable, insightful report authored by Professor Guy Holburn called “Guidelines for Governance of the Electricity Sector in Canada”.

Ontario Power Agencies Failing Consumers: Examining the IESO

Institutional reform is needed in Ontario’s electricity sector so that key public agencies can properly perform their duties serving consumers while balancing the needs of producers. This essay argues that the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) belongs on the list of key agencies whose inappropriately cozy relationship with government is harming consumers.