Ontario’s Power Rates Not the Highest in North America

Hydro Quebec’s annual electricity survey is a nearly perfect method to compare residential power rates across the provinces in Canada. Unfortunately, Hydro Quebec’s survey is a poor guide to how Canadian rates compare to US rates because the survey cherry picks a handful of relatively small jurisdictions, most of which have outlier high rates. Hydro Quebec’s survey is also a poor guide to industrial rates in Ontario and Alberta. Continue reading ‘Ontario’s Power Rates Not the Highest in North America’ »

Hydro Quebec to the Rescue? (podcasts)

Linked here are a couple of podcasts discussing the deal announced on Thursday, October 20 between the Ontario and Quebec governments on electricity exchanges.

Here is Energy Minister Glen Thibeault trying to skate away from questions from CFRA radio’s Kristy Cameron on the savings he is claiming households will get from the deal. If the government’s claim of $10 million in annual savings is to be believed, consider that Ontario’s 4.7 million residential consumers constitute about a third of the total demand, implying a savings of about 6 cents per month per household.

My interview with Bill Kelly of AM900 CHML is available here. Select October 21, 10-11am. Rough notes of the interview’s contents with time stamps follows. Continue reading ‘Hydro Quebec to the Rescue? (podcasts)’ »

Bright Public Utility Regulation Against #darknl

Widespread and extended supply blackouts struck the island of Newfoundland in January 2013, January 2014, and March 2015. Each time, in the order of half the island was blacked out with many customers in the freezing darkness for more than 48 hours. A report from the Newfoundland & Labrador Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities — often called the PUB — issued September 29 found widespread deficiencies within the provincial government-owned energy holding company Nalcor’s electricity operation, Newfoundland Hydro.

Outside of Newfoundland, there may be few people who care much about these events. I suggest however, that anyone who cares about the standards of good utility practice and also good utility regulator practice spend the few minutes it will take to read at least a couple of paragraphs of the next 1700ish words in this long-winded post. Continue reading ‘Bright Public Utility Regulation Against #darknl’ »

Windstream NAFTA Suit – Interview Podcast and Summary (Corrected)

What follows is a summary of the Q and A I had with Scott Thompson of 900AM CHML in Hamilton on Friday, October 14 on the Windstream Energy NAFTA suit that resulted in a $28 million penalty to be collected against federal and/or Ontario taxpayers. Time stamps are also provided to aid flipping through the podcast. Continue reading ‘Windstream NAFTA Suit – Interview Podcast and Summary (Corrected)’ »

Guest Post: Positive Energy

I am delighted to host a second guest post by renewable energy consultant, developer, and National Post contributor Jon Kieran. Jon’s first round argued that it isn’t good enough to simply criticize Ontario’s electricity situation. In this post, Jon proposes a positive vision for the future. Continue reading ‘Guest Post: Positive Energy’ »

Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 134: Toronto City Council Requests that Al Capone Review His Taxes

A motion adopted by Toronto City Council this week has “requested” that Tony’s Hydro “conduct a review of the September 2016 power outages in the CityPlace neighbourhood”. The motion is inaction pretending to be action. Continue reading ‘Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 134: Toronto City Council Requests that Al Capone Review His Taxes’ »