Compensation Pain (podcast)

One of the general themes of this website is to document how public policy debates over energy in Ontario don’t obviously display the collective wisdom to correctly identify even short-run cause and effect relationships. One example of this deficiency relates to labour compensation rates in the utility sector. Is executive compensation at OPG and Hydro …

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Wynne’s Version of the Ernie Eves Electricity Rate Freeze

Down in the polls, embattled over hydro rates, and about to face the voters, two Ontario premiers in recent years opted for panic-inspired electricity sector interventions that resulted in long-term harm. Just before the 2003 election, Premier Eves imposed a rate freeze that destroyed the electricity market and rang up the deficit by about a …

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Conservation Con Benefactors: Part 1

Professor McKitrick and I document the economic absurdity of Ontario’s multi billion dollar conservation programs and absence of oversight contrasted against official Ontario’s claims justifying the expenditures here. I have appended to this post the full text of Minister Chiarelli’s response to our report and also linked to the original here. The Minister would have …

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Demand-side Mismanagement: How Conservation Became Waste

Here is a study I had a chance to co-author with Univerity of Guelph Professor of Economics Dr. Ross McKitrick. The study examines the value proposition behind the billions of dollars of public money that have been expended on energy conservation programs over the last more than 25 years in Ontario.

Selfie Power (With and Without Transmission Charges)

You run a medium-sized business. Your power bill is going up at a compound annual rate of 8%. Your competitors in many jurisdictions are seeing their rates unchanged. The cost of gas-fired generation and even solar power is getting to be an attractive option compared to some of the charges on your bill (the jargon …

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Happy New Year: Ontario’s 2016 Power Rate Shell Game

Ontario power rates will increase dramatically in 2016 but tracking the changes will be challenging. The multi-dimensional, inter-temporal shell game of Ontario power rates will kick into overdrive. Here are a few of Official Ontario’s tricks to watch.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Demands Rate Rethink, Chiarelli Blows Smoke Back (Fire Bob)

This morning, the board of directors of Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) Hydro launched a point-by-point rebuttal to the official Ontario government view that power rates are not yet high enough, specifically calling on Energy Minister Chiarelli to debate with them the province’s electricity situation. Those directors are: • Lord Mayor Pat Darte • Councillor Jamie King • …

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