‘We’ve allowed our power system to drift into parasitism’: Summaries for Dec. 6-7 Radio Interviews

The following notes summarize about an hour of live radio interviews on three shows (Tom McConnell, Scott Thompson, and Craig Needles) addressing the December 2017 report of the Auditor General on the IESO and also a recent report of the Market Surveillance Panel on gaming by the Goreway generating station.

Review of the Ontario PC 2018 Electricity Platform (National Post version added)

Patrick Brown’s election platform “guarantees” that the Ontario PCs “will fix Hydro”. He reverses the PC’s previous rejection of Premier Wynne’s Fair Hydro Plan, which shifts 25% of current household rates to taxpayers and future consumers. The new PC position is that the only problem with Wynne’s hydro cost shifting and deferral program is that …

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Perils of Populism

The Ontario PC party released the results of its membership vote on a wide range of policy initiatives yesterday in advance of the party’s policy convention tomorrow. On topics that would influence Ontario’s electricity future, the results emphasize (in case anyone doubted) profound dissatisfaction within the PC base about the electricity situation but also expose …

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Plea to Federal Government: Mitigate the Harm You have Caused at Muskrat Falls

On Monday October 2, 2017, I testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources. The main theme of my testimony was to plead with the federal government to act quickly to mitigate the harm it has caused by facilitating the Muskrat Madness project in Labrador. Recognizing the federal government’s role in causing …

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Guest Post: Ontario Liberal Politics Overriding Public Safety

One of the casualties in the Ontario government’s headlong rush into green energy has been the loss of balanced, responsible environmental assessment. Here is a short summary of two recent instances where the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has failed to responsibly administer environmental assessment processes and put the public at risk. For …

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Hide and Seek with ‘Fair’ Hydro Plan Costs

At the Ontario legislature’s Estimates Committee last week on Wednesday, NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns asked the Energy minister, the deputy minister, and OPG officials to explain an amount of $4 billion in extra financing costs that the Financial Accountability Officer attributed solely to the government’s choice of an “alternative” financing model. The fumbling responses …

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Ontario’s “Fair” Hydro Plan Clown Show

The regulatory and financial underpinnings of Ontario’s electricity situation, which governments have vigorously shaken and stirred since 1998, are once again the subject of what might be politely called “transformational change” with the passage of Bill 132, “Fair” Hydro Plan (FHP) Act, 2017. It pains me to use the adjective “fair” in reference to this …

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