Ontario Environment Minister Murray’s Net Zero Understanding of Energy

Tomorrow Ontario Environment Minister Glen Murray is expected to announce details of the province’s “master plan” to fight climate change. Particularly for anyone who might have had the impression that Minister Murray has some awareness of the reality of Ontario’s energy situation, I encourage you to spend a few minutes taking in this video. In it, Murray demonstrates a net zero understanding of Ontario’s energy situation on the international stage at UN Climate Change Conference Lima COP 20.

Among his breathtaking claims, Murray asserts that “we are electrifying our entire rail system” (0:30), wind and solar are “our two largest renewables” (3:35, actually hydro-electric contributed about 5 times more than wind and solar in 2014), “the idea is to phase out (gas power)” to be replaced by conservation programs (4:05), forestry and steel industries achieved great emissions reductions (5:50, by shutting down and laying workers off), “we’re looking at a geothermal revolution” (10:30), the coming geothermal and insulation revolutions will create a bonanza of jobs for middle and low income families (10:40), and stopping the use of fossil fuels almost immediately will benefit “the ordinary working folks in every corner of the world” (11:30).

Credit to Parker Gallant of Wind Concerns Ontario for digging up this gem.


  1. Phasing out nat’l gas fired generation …. Steel and forestry have reduced their emissions (because they’re going out of business) … industry asking for cap & trade system … retrofitting everything that’s already built … geothermal revolution … insulation revolution … he makes Gord Miller sound like an enlightened genius. It’s really sad that this uninformed idiot is making decisions that affect the lives of so many people.

    Here’s another gem, as he shares his views on the rise of ISIS:

    No wonder he left Winnipeg:

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