Six Billion Dollar Man: Electricity Expert

Bob Chiarelli was a member of the Independent Electricity System Operator Board of Directors from December 3, 2007 until January 22, 2010. Despite this experience, he has proven unable to distinguish export revenues from export profits.

Post Script April 9, 2014: Here is a note from TVO pressing Chiarelli for an explanation wherein the minister noted that he had relied on a puffy gee-whiz profile column about the IESO in the Toronto Sun for his research.


  1. Chiarelli seems like any other career politician to me. Whenever they’re not in a position to play God, they play dumb. Whichever game they decide to play at any time depends on which serves their interests best. The easy-out for every politician seems to be “I meant what I said at the time” if their blame-game hasn’t worked and their lack of clear answers to discomforting questions is abundantly compensated for with unrelated responses. If they can’t justify their power or money grab as being “for the ChildrenTM” (often the excuse used by politicians pro publicly-funded abortion on demand) or “for the environment” (that doesn’t pay their wages and can’t prevent its destruction via imposed political protection any easier than humans can theirs) – they often try “it’s for the greater good of all” (which means good for them and their cronies but not good for the “one taxpayer” that’s forced to subsidize activist-led political indulgences in utopian fantasies).

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