Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 97: Your Smart Meter is “the best thing that ever happened”

With the provincial Auditor General’s report around the corner, it might be useful to keep handy a copy of this speech from Anthony Haines, CEO of Toronto Hydro. His theme is that the province’s electricity policy “has gone terribly…Right!” One of his prominent claims is that the smart meters are “the best thing that ever happened to the LDC sector.”

It is also interesting to see Mr. Haines talking about what a great job Toronto Hydro did in recovering from Hurricane Sandy and how that contrasts with what really happened.

It is also interesting to observe the warmth of the applause Mr. Haines received from the Ontario Energy Network audience of utility and government folks.

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  1. REAL CLEAR POLICY, Dec.4,2013
    “The Energy Department’s Solar Cronyism”
    “Out of the 26 projects funded under the 1705 program, only four have been completed, and the company behind one of these projects, Beacon Power, actually went bankrupt shortly after the project was completed.”
    The legacy costs of these same kinds of schemes will be enormus in Ontario as well.

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