Corrupt Electricity Reporting Part 11: Tyler Hamilton’s Dirty Record

Notwithstanding the Toronto Star’s admissions documented in this series that Tyler Hamilton failed to meet its journalistic standards with respect to disclosing conflicts of interest, the Star continues today to maintain its association with Hamilton, identifying him as a Star author.

The current edition of Corporate Knights magazine, where Hamilton is editor-in-chief, has another of his signature PR promos for the Smart Grid. Included in the list of companies he promotes are many of the corporate sponsors of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum — an Ontario government project Hamilton has recently worked for. The overlap between the companies promoted in the Corporate Knights article and the Smart Grid Forum sponsors includes GE, IBM Canada, and Enbala. Given Hamilton’s well-established lack of interest in notifying readers of his conflicts, it is tough to determine what information published by Corporate Knights is paid PR and what is not.


  1. How long will electric car batteries last when they are used to supply the grid?
    A great many things can be done on small scales but can they be done on large scales and at what costs?
    The non-science public does not understand the difference between these two concepts.
    There are very good reasons why flywheels were not used. And as I understand this issue, it’s because large flywheels are dangerous.

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