Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 73: Toronto Star Reports on the Fake Credentials

Here is the Toronto Star story about Toronto Hydro’s dropout CEO.

The statements about my work and attributed to me in the Star story are accurate and fairly reflect information I provided the Toronto Star.

One issue readers of the Star story might note relates to the lawyer quoted as speaking for Toronto Hydro. Immediately before getting the job of being Toronto Hydro’s VP for regulatory affairs and the utility’s general counsel, Paul Sommerville was a member of the Ontario Energy Board and was actively deliberating on Toronto Hydro cases. I have discussed the issue of Sommerville switching hats and the rotating door between regulatory and regulatee at some length in this series, including parts 32, 49, 51.


  1. Do you refer to this as your “personal website”? The Star article does. I wouldn’t. I’d save that moniker for a site you use to post family photos and tales from the cottage and such. I think they’re just tying themselves up in a knot to avoid steering traffic here.

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