1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Butts

    Gee Tom. you must be eating your Wheaties. Quite the prolific output! You forgot to mention one of the graduates of York University. Gerald Butts is Dalton McGuinty’s former Principle Secretary and one of the main architects of the 2003 election campaign according to Wikipedia. He quit to become the head of WWF Canada. I gather from watching an interview on The Agenda that he is still in touch with the Premier, and both were at the climate change summit in Copenhagen. I believe I read that the WWF is assisting the OPA. So what we have are political scientists, policy analysts, NGOs and industrial lobbyists running our power system. What could go wrong?

  2. Please provide a reference for the Butts/FES connection.

    The relations between WWF and the Ontario deserve scrutiny. The OPA has a join conservation program promotion with WWF that transfers travel points to WWF. The Ontario government and WWF jointly sponsor conferences. If anyone is documenting the connections, please share.

  3. http://www.yorku.ca/ycom/gazette/past/archive/011399/issue.htm

    I did not mean to imply that Mr. Butts was part of the FES, but I believe that he studied and taught at York University.


    “We are delighted that Gerald will be joining us” said Patricia Koval, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WWF-Canada. “In addition to his strong passion for conservation and the environment, Gerald brings a wealth of valuable experience and expertise through his work on the Ontario Government’s climate change plan, energy plan and greenbelt protection plan, among other environment-related projects.”

    “Five years ago, the conversation was about Canada seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity for leadership in clean technologies,” said Gerald Butts, chief executive of World Wildlife Fund Canada. “Now, the way the world is changing, we’re really having a conversation about getting with the program.”

    Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/story.html?id=2143747#ixzz0oBgAwWav

    Roundtable meetings on public policy. Didn’t see coal or nuclear represented.

    Mr. Butts seems to be very involved with green energy and sustainability.

  4. Actually, if you Google “Ontario green energy York University” there are quite a few hits.

  5. Two years ago when Kris Stevens set up a meeting in Cobden to flog his pet project the Green Energy Act on behalf of his Green Energy Act Alliance, he began his diatribe with a statement: “I love George Smitherman” and then began with a little history of the Green Energy Act. He stated that this Act was conceived and written during his last years in York University and then presented to the Liberal Government for implementation.

    I’m sure he didn’t think all this up while laying in his bed in his dorm room but was actually hired by the Minister of energy and possibly CANWEA to come up with a plan to “flog” a fake energy program that would make a very few “connected” business men billions of dollars all off the backs of hard working taxpayers.

    Shades of Enron, I would suggest!

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