Ontario’s Power Rates Are Going Up How Much?

Over the last two weeks, there have been a dizzying swirl of announcements and reports on various aspects of Ontario electricity prices. With official Ontario working hard to keep the issues confused and impacts spread out over time, it is challenging for consumers to follow the multiple shell games going on at once. Here are a few suggestions on where to turn for information and analysis.
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Ontario Electricity Regulation Crisis Report Part 121: Toronto Hydro Exec Comp

Energy workers, including executives, should be paid what they are worth. In general, executive compensation in Ontario’s power system is reasonable, although overall pay scales in general within regulated and government-owned utilities are excessive. While most utility CEOs in Ontario appear to me reasonably compensated, the situation at Toronto Hydro is different.
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Power Extortion Part 3: Response to Ombudsman Marin’s Tweets

Over the evening of March 23, the Ontario Ombudsman, an Officer of the Provincial Legislature, addressed my analysis of his comment on Hydro One’s collection policies and practices. He published a stream of Tweeted and reTweeted ad hominems, sarcastic put-downs, name calling against me and people who supported my analysis, attacks on my integrity, and incitements to his followers to Twitter mob me. Some of his comments are recorded in Part 2 of this series. This morning, he redoubled his flaming:
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Power Extortion Part 2: Ombudsman Marin’s Review of Part 1

This evening on Twitter, Ontario Ombudsman Marin reacted to my analysis of his recent remarks on collections policies and practices at Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa.

Here is some of that direct and retweeted exchange in chronological order (note the time stamps are 3 hours behind EDT):
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Power Extortion Part 1

Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin has found Hydro One guilty of “extortion” for threatening to disconnect residential power customers in arrears. He convened a Queen’s Park press conference March 11 to demand:

“Hydro One needs to come clean and say once and for all to the public ‘we won’t disconnect you’ and stop playing these mind games with the public.”

Marin masterfully served up sound bites to the eager QP Press Gallery:

“I’ve shared the big secret with you about the threats being a bluff. I count on you to repeat it to everybody that you encounter in your newscasts so that people can chill and realize that they won’t freeze to death by the electricity being cut out.”

From every corner of the province, Marin is being hailed as a hero.

Or not.

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Sell Hydro One (but expecting a “windfall” would be a pitfall)

The Ontario government’s energy astrologists have come up with a new sound bite — sell Hydro One and use what the Globe and Mail calls the “windfall” to fund the construction of subways in Toronto. Electricity ratepayers won’t be harmed one little bit say the folks who also say Ontario’s power exports are profitable, conservation programs are saving you billions, and the rate impact of wind power is trivial. Continue reading ‘Sell Hydro One (but expecting a “windfall” would be a pitfall)’ »

Do Ontario’s Freedom of Information Laws Apply to Green Energy?

In July 1985, the Honourable Ian Scott capsulized the underlying principle behind Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act:

“We do not, and never will, accept the proposition that the business of the public is none of the public’s business.”

What follows is a test of whether the principle that Scott spoke to applies to green energy in Ontario today.

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Protect Bala Falls

Thursday and Friday this week, www.tomadamsenergy.com (and my dog) will be joining Peggy Petersen (and her dog) at Bala Falls protesting another of the Ontario Liberal’s green-at-any-cost follies — Swift River Energy’s subsidy-dependent plan to despoil the falls at the outlet of Lake Muskoka into the Moon River. I’ll be live Tweeting the protest from the falls and also live Tweeting from the Friday morning meeting of Township of Muskoka Lakes council (Twitter: @tomadamsenergy).

Here is our protest HQ and overnight accommodation. Please come visit. Appropriate clothing is recommended.

:quinz 031

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