Ontario Environment Minister Murray’s Net Zero Understanding of Energy

Tomorrow Ontario Environment Minister Glen Murray is expected to announce details of the province’s “master plan” to fight climate change. Particularly for anyone who might have had the impression that Minister Murray has some awareness of the reality of Ontario’s energy situation, I encourage you to spend a few minutes taking in this video. In it, Murray demonstrates a net zero understanding of Ontario’s energy situation on the international stage at UN Climate Change Conference Lima COP 20. Continue reading ‘Ontario Environment Minister Murray’s Net Zero Understanding of Energy’ »

Grabbing Cash from Municipalities to Fund Hydro One “Windfall”

Two themes of my public comments on the sale of Hydro One have been that there is no windfall available from the sale to fund government spending initiatives and that creating a Potemkin windfall will hasten Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation’s (OEFC) collapse into insolvency.

Supporters of the Hydro One sale, including the Globe & Mail editorial board and Ed Clark, have claimed that the Hydro One sale will create a windfall to fund government spending. The government has been silent on explaining the impacts of the sale on OEFC until now. Continue reading ‘Grabbing Cash from Municipalities to Fund Hydro One “Windfall”’ »

“Wonderful Asset”

Bob Delaney has been the Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of Energy since February 11, 2013 and an MPP since 2003. His education includes a BSc in physics from Concordia. During the debate on Bill 135 (about which I will post further analysis) here were some of Mr. Delaney’s remarks: Continue reading ‘“Wonderful Asset”’ »

Hydro One’s Future

On the first day of trading an Ontario-based electricity utility stock on the TSX (perhaps since the days of Toronto Electric Light Company in the 1920s), I had the opportunity to comment on the future of the company and what might be done to improve the outlook for consumers. The overall theme of my remarks has been that the government is tilting the regulatory playing field against the interest of consumers like they have done with every other aspect of Ontario’s power system. I favour utility privatization if it can reduce government meddling in the power system and holds a reasonable prospect of benefiting consumers in the long haul. That is not the direction Hydro One is currently headed. Continue reading ‘Hydro One’s Future’ »

OEB Will Protect You, Right?

(What follows is my presentation to the Ontario Legislature Standing Committee on General Government this afternoon. My actual delivery might have varied from the text slightly. Transcript with comments on the questions I received added as a post script Nov.5)

Thank you, Mr. Chairman for an opportunity to comment on Bill 112. My name is Tom Adams. I am an independent energy researcher. My focus is changes to the Ontario Energy Board Act. Continue reading ‘OEB Will Protect You, Right?’ »

Wynne’s Long Term Power Rate Plan: Transit Tax on Electricity

Amidst a storm of controversy yesterday at Queen’s Park surrounding a damning report from the new Financial Accountability Officer, the government yesterday reaffirmed that it is going to extract $4 billion from the proceeds of the Hydro One sale to spend on other government programs. Ontario Premier Wynne’s damn-the-torpedoes implementation of her plan for Hydro One suggests that to the extent that she has a long term plan for electricity, it is to add a transit tax on top of existing charges. Continue reading ‘Wynne’s Long Term Power Rate Plan: Transit Tax on Electricity’ »