Public/Private Sunshine

Crown-owned Ontario Power Generation (OPG), under the watchful eye of the Wynne government, is expanding into utility-scale, ground-mounted solar projects at three Ontario locations. Earlier this month, OPG announced partnership with Missouri-based SunEdison. SunEdison has special connections at Queen’s Park. Continue reading ‘Public/Private Sunshine’ »

Labrador Power Fantasies

The governments of Newfoundland & Labrador and Ontario both of came to power last decade when their respective provinces had pretty reasonable power systems. When the respective ruling parties in both provinces finally get a chance to reflect from a position on the opposition benches, the electricity futures of both provinces will have been transformed, and not in a good way. Guided by the green agenda to fight climate change, both provinces have permanently shifted into being very high cost electricity jurisdictions. The PC in Newfoundland & Labrador and the Liberals in Ontario are desperate to change the channel away from the growing electricity concerns of their constituents. This week’s Gull Island bloviating is their combined effort to do that. Continue reading ‘Labrador Power Fantasies’ »

Politicized Wires

This morning, the Ontario government announced its intention to introduce changes to the OEB Act. The key component is to “include a new tool that would allow Cabinet to determine key transmission infrastructure to be built by licensees that would not go through a ‘needs’ test by the OEB.” Continue reading ‘Politicized Wires’ »

Privatizing the Ontario Energy Board

As if the Ontario government was trying to find ways to privatize Hydro One as harmfully the public interest as possible, the government has decided to link the Ontario Energy Board directly to the senior executive group at Hydro One.

See the May 22 email from OEB Chair Rosemarie Leclair, appended below, announcing new appointments to the board. Continue reading ‘Privatizing the Ontario Energy Board’ »

Deputation to Finance Committee on Sale of Hydro One

(This posting contains both our speaking notes, posted about 20 minutes after presentation, and the official Hansard transcript. Following our presentation, Ed Clark made a presentation to the Finance Committee and made comments to the press. His comments and my reaction to his comments are ably reported here by Antonella Artuso for Sun Media. Our bottom line is that the ON government’s plan to sell Hydro One is a shell game to grab $4 billion from electricity ratepayers.)

Madam chair and members. We are here today to address amendments to the Electricity Act contained in the budget act, Bill 91. Continue reading ‘Deputation to Finance Committee on Sale of Hydro One’ »

Donuts, Heritage, Saving the Bala Falls: Part 2

The waterfalls in the heart of Bala, where Lake Muskoka flows into the Moon River, need a lawyer to help stop impending careless, destructive hydro-power development. Join the protest. If you are planning to be in the vicinity of Muskoka over this long weekend, order doughnuts by phone today at (705) 762-3937 for the fundraiser tomorrow at the falls hosted by the much-loved Don’s Bakery to support this wonderful cause. If you can’t make it to the fundraiser, consider donating directly to